Upon the acquisition of a plot of land at Avalon Golf Estate, the plot owner will have a choice of six different types of villas to choose from the appointed architect firms, namely Lampotang Architects and Morphos Architects. With the aim of preserving the natural harmony of the landscape and to keep the overall architectural homogeneity of the villas, clear specifications will be given to every owner.

Highlighting a modern and clear-cut architecture of ground floor level only, with wide openings that welcome sunlight in and maximize the breath-taking view on the golf course, nearby mountains and natural landscapes.. Emphasizing a very pretty combination of water, minerals and vegetation, the villas optimize quality time in the open air with one’s family in a golf surrounding…

The villas range from 2 to 4 bedroom with large common areas to reunite everybody at meal times.

The Par Suite is a small annex separated from the main villa. It consists of an en-suite bedroom, veranda and kitchenette. This option may be combined with any of the villa types available.


The Albatross Villa offers 425 m2 of surface area, designed around a central swimming pool. It includes 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, each fitted with a small private planted garden. Its ingenious design around the swimming pool separates the bedrooms from common areas, although visible through the wide openings.

Floor Plan
Avalon Villa Albatross
Avalon Villa Birdie


The Eagle Villa, offers 303 m2 of surface area with 3 en-suite bedrooms, each prettily fitted with its own private garden. Common areas at the heart of the villa are a perfect way to reunite everybody at meal times.

Floor Plan


The Birdie villa offers 227 m2 of surface area and 2 en-suite bedrooms, each with its own small and private garden. The design of this villa maximises opening on the garden. Its glazed sitting room fitted with a deck is next to the swimming pool with its cosy sunbed… Part of the terrace is not roofed, for permanent enjoyment of sunlight and starlight.

Floor Plan
Avalon Villa Eagle
Avalon Villa Merlin


The Lancelot villa spreads over a surface of 407 m2 with 4 bedrooms, each having its ensuite bathroom. The one in the main bedroom has an outdoor shower which melts subtly into the decor of the green and natural surroundings.

Floor Plan


The Merlin villa covers a surface area of 311 m2 and comprises of 3 bedrooms , each with its ensuite bathroom. The bathroom in the main bedroom offers a nice view on a secluded garden featuring an outdoor shower.

Floor Plan
Avalon Villa Galahad
Avalon Villa Lancelot


The Galahad villa covers a surface area of 241 m2 with 2 bedrooms and their ensuite bathrooms. This villa has been designed to spread round a core which harmonizes the common areas to the swimming pool, creating just the perfect blend.

Floor Plan