Hole #1

369m, par 4

A fairly demanding opening hole, played downhill to a wide, inviting fairway, Avoid the bunkers on the right off the tee, and you should have a medium to short iron into the green. Beware of the ravine running all the way along the left side of the hole. The green is protected by a bunker short left and long right, with some soft slopes short right to feed your ball onto the green.

Hole #2

510m, par 5

A par 5 hole playing slightly downhill, with a ravine along the right side of the hole, and some mounding along the left to bring your ball back in play should you stray a little too far left. A good drive will position you in the fairway with a possibility to reach the green in two if you are a longer hitter. Your approach shot to the green – whether it be your second or third shot, is played to a very long green, running diagonally from right to left, and it could be partially obscured by a large mound if you are on the left side of the fairway. Better players will try and position themselves to the right side of the fairway to have a more open shot to the green. Make sure you aim for the correct area, or you could be facing a monster putt…

Hole #3

435m, par 4

This long par 4 is situated on a beautiful ridge, with great views of the ocean in the distance from the green. A long par 4, which requires a good drive, to have a long to medium approach shot into a wide and open green. A large swale protects the green front right, and should you end up in this low area, you could be playing a very interesting pitch to the green. Par will always be a good score on this hole.

Hole #4

273m, par 4

A short par 4 which could be drivable in favorable conditions. Your tee shot is played from a tee along an elevated ridgeline, across a stream, to a fairway situated well below the tees. A breath taking tee shot, but demanding none the less – players need to avoid the ravine along the left side of the hole. A definite scoring opportunity, and hopefully a lot of fun.

Hole #5

149m, par 3

The first short hole on this nine is played along the edge of a ravine, so stay right! Players can use the natural contours to feed their balls in from the right, but the brave would need to fly a portion of the ravine to get close to any pin placement on the left side of the green.

Hole #6

396m, par 4

This longer par 4 has a slightly uphill tee shot, where players can use the natural contours on the right of the fairway to feed their balls back to the middle. Your approach shot requires accuracy to avoid the swale and bunker protecting this green.

Hole #7

155m, par 3

A dramatic medium to short iron shot across a deep gorge, to a small, well protected green. This should get your adrenaline flowing!

Hole #8

507m, par 5

A beautiful par 5 with some interesting movement across the fairway. After a good tee shot, players will have to choose if they want to have a go at the green, or lay up short of a large swale in the fairway, which protects the front of the green.

Hole #9

385m, par 4

An uphill hole played to the halfway house. Keep your tee shot on the fairway, avoiding any fairway bunkers, and you should have a medium to short iron into the green.

Hole #10

346m, par 4

This short par 4 is played to a fairway, protected by a fairway bunker on the right hand side. Most players will be wise to play safe on this hole, as the second shot requires an accurate short iron to this well protected green.

Hole #11

160m, par 3

This hole is played to a small green, which is protected by a bunker on the left just short of the green. The left side of the green is very tight, with the right side offering a deeper, more forgiving target off the tee. With a longer club in your hands, the wise play would be to the right centre of the green.

Hole #12

531m, par 5

A fun hole, played to a wide fairway, with a ravine coming into play on your second shot. Be sure to stay left of the ravine on your approach shot.

Hole #13

377m, par 4

A tough driving hole, with bunkers protecting the left and right side of the fairway.  A good drive will leave most players a short iron across a stream, to a green which is well protected all around by bunkers and grass swales.

Hole #14

164m, par 3

A medium iron shot is played to a green with a small stream running along the right hand side of it. One bunker also protects the left side of the green, so the conservative play might be to the area short left of the green, where a mound could direct your ball back onto the front of the green. Three is always a good score on this hole.

Hole #15

403m, par 4

A good testing par 4, where players would need to play an accurate tee shot to avoid the stream on the left, and some severe mounding cutting into the fairway on the right side. Your approach shot is then played to a green protected by a deep swale and two bunkers on the right side of the green. Be prepared to play some interesting chip shots should you miss the green, as several slopes and swales surround this green.

Hole #16

445m, par 5

A relatively short par 5, where better players would be looking for a birdie. A wide fairway awaits your tee shot, from where players who are in a good position would be able to take on the stream and bunker running along the left side of the green. The other option would be to lay up to the right of the green, which would then leave a short pitch across some fairway and greenside bunkers. A classic risk and reward par 5, where a lot of birdies can be made, but beware, it is also just as easy to end up with a 6 on your card.

Hole #17

292m, par 4

A short par 4, where players have got a couple of options: aggressive players can try to get their drives on or as close to the green as the can – they would have to negotiate the stream along the right of the fairway, as well as a deep fairway bunker which splits the fairway into a direct and lay up area. Conservative play is to the left side of the fairway, from where a short iron or pitch shot to a small green could give you a birdie opportunity.

Hole #18

421m, par 4

The finishing hole requires a good drive between mounding on the right, and a small bunker on the left edge of the fairway. The approach shot to the green is played through two high mounds either side of the fairway, and needs to negotiate a fairway swale short of the green, and some strategic bunkering. A tough finishing hole to a rewarding day out on the course.