There is nothing better than starting a hole with a good powerful drive. It is true that scores count at the end but hitting a good drive of the tee definitely boost the confidence to finish the hole in a good score. And to be able to be consistent with the driver we need to have the proper stance to give us a better chance. So, this month we will talk about the posture and stance to adopt for the drive.

The difference between the driver and irons is that irons, we hit the ball when the club is going downwards whereas the driver have contact with the ball when the clubface is going upward. This is the reason why we have a different posture when hitting with a driver.

First thing is that with the driver, the ball has to be placed inside left foot (right handed player) in the stance as illustrated in fig 1. Because we are hitting upward for driver, having the ball there helps in having the club face to be in an upward position during the swing.

Posture golf tip

When swinging the driver, the head must be behind the ball at impact. To be able to keep the head behind, we have to adjust it already at posture to give us a better chance during the swing. That is the reason why when addressing to the ball, we transfer the weight on the right foot. This will allow us to keep the head behind the ball during the swing.

With a good posture, we give ourselves a better chance of hitting a good shot off the tee. The shorter we can leave the distance for the second shot, the more chance it leaves to get a good score on the hole.