Many golfers neglect or are not knowledgeable of the importance of the grip in the golf swing.

The hands are what connects the club to the rest of the body, so if a part of your swing looks weird or feels uncomfortable, you probably should take a step back and verify that you are holding the club correctly!

A quick and easy way to know if your hands are placed properly is to consider the three most essential aspects of the grip: POSITION, PRESSURE and PRECISION.


There are three main golf grips used by most players and depending on your skill level, physical ability, and comfort level, each grip is suited for your golf game.

However, all three have similar characteristics:

  • Both hands hold the club
  • The hand closest to the target is always at the top of the club.
  • When holding the club with that hand, you should be able to see approximately 1/2 inch of the tip of the grip.
  • The club needs to lay at the base of the fingers and not in palms of the hands.
  • The hands stay connected to each other


Both hands serve individual purposes essential to determine how far and where the ball is going to go.



golf tip of the month


Generally keeps the clubface closed (facing left) at impact and encourages a more low/ penetrating trajectory and a draw (right to left ball flight)


Recommended to all players. It also makes it easier to alternate ball flight shapes on the golf course if you are an advanced member.


Generally keeps the club face open at impact and encourages a higher trajectory and a fade (left to right ball flight)


  • It is important to let the club lay naturally on your hands and not grip it with more than 50% intensity.
  • If there is a lot of tension in the hands, then there will be tension in the arms, in the neck, etc.
  • Too much tension would also impact the club’s path throughout the swing.

Tip: A good thing to think about is to have a tube of toothpaste in the hands instead of the club. Should you grip the tube too hard, the toothpaste will spill!


This last section of your checklist is just important to mention that you need to recreate the same grip over and over again with as much precision as the first time you did it.



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