Too often golfers forget about one important side of the game which is the rules and etiquettes. All golfers have certain responsibility towards the course and towards other golfers. So, in this month golf tips we will talk about some of those important rules and etiquettes.

  • One of the most important etiquette is the dress code. Golfers has to always wear collard shirt and jeans are not allowed on the golf course.
  • Golfers has the obligation to respect their tee time and to be on the tee box 5 minutes before.
  • All golfers must respect the pace of play in order not to hold the group behind.
  • If you are holding up a group playing in front of you, you should let them through regardless of the situation in front.
  • It is the responsibility of the golfers to repair their pitchmark, repair divots on the fairways and rake the bunkers after they have used it.
  • Golfers must wait for their fellow golfer to hole their put before leaving the green.
  • Golfers has to wait for those in front of them to be out of range before hitting their shot.
  • Golf cart has to be kept at least 20 meters of the green.


Remember that the golf course is being shaped every morning and that it is the responsibility of the golfers to treat the course well in order for those playing behind you get the same experience as you had. So, it is very important for golfers to learn the etiquettes.

On another note, we now load all future tournaments on the Mauritius Golf Federation site. All information can be found on the upcoming events on the welcoming page of the site. 


Golf regards,