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This is the first of our monthly newsletters which we hope you will find both informative and interesting,
we promise to keep them light and include only relevant information so please read it!!

Below we have the “Tip from the Top’’ section written by our very capable Head Golf Professional Jean Patrick Furcy and
“Perfect Fairways and Greens’’ written by our super SUP, Rory Taylor.


Avalon Golf Estate is truly a special place and one that I am thrilled to be associated with. I have had the pleasure of working in many beautiful places but the Bois Cheri area certainly outclasses them all. With the sweeping views of the southern coastline and the breath taking indigenous forest surrounds, Arthur’s mythical Avalon has been found.

Dale Hayes said ‘’Playing golf at Avalon is like playing golf in the garden of Eden’’ when he played the course in December 2015. His words were perhaps slightly exaggerated at the time but as this golf course matures the verity of his words are evidenced in the abundant flora that surrounds this Matkovich masterpiece.

Whilst the Winter period at Avalon has been challenging weather wise, it has allowed us to get to work on many new and exciting projects both on and off the course. Our mission is that each time you play that you see a marked improvement, each and every day we strive to bring you a better product!
The landscaping team under the careful guidance of Greg has made an enormous difference to the golf experience, have a look at some of these gorgeous flowers below.

Azaleas on the 5th

Azaleas on the 5th

Orchid on the 9th

Orchid on the 9th


On the estate it is wonderful see all the roads now complete, the estate is truly looking spectacular and those that invested must be very pleased with what they see. If you haven’t yet purchased at Avalon then do so now, we only have a few plots remaining and, believe me when I say, these won’t last long.

The weather is improving folks so don’t delay and come visit us. Remember to bring the family too. Tennis, Pentaque & Volleyball courts are all open and ready for play, along with the kids play area and the football pitch.
We look forward to seeing you at Avalon soon!



Many of you might be unaware but Dale Hayes was one of South Africa’s finest golfers. In 1971 Hayes won the Spanish Open at the age of 18 years and 290 days, becoming the youngest winner on the European Tour, a record which stood until Danny Lee won the 2009 Johnnie Walker Classic. By 1973 he was fourth on the European Tour Order of Merit, improving to second in 1974 and first in 1975. He also finished in the top four in 1978 and 1979, and won the World Cup with Bobby Cole in 1974. He retired from professional golf in his late twenties.

Worried about what the weather is like at Avalon? Just log onto www.avalon.eruption.mu to see our live web cam. This is updated every ten minutes!!



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During the month of July we have undertaken 2 large drainage projects, the first being in the swale in front of the second green and the second being the approach to the 15th green. All grass was stripped from the area, the base was reshaped to ensure water moved quickly to the catch basins that were installed during construction. Additional catch basins were installed to aid the quick removal of surface water. A 100mm layer of sand was then added onto the base, this sand allows the water to percolate quickly to the base and then move into the sub surface drainage and catch basins. The grass was washed of all clay material in the root zone and replaced. Without washing the sods we would simply seal off the sand layer. The results have been very positive, although recovery of the grass is slow due to the cooler temperatures.

Sand layer being placed and shaped.

Sand layer being placed and shaped.

Completion on planting grass.

To further combat the water run-off into this area we are currently installing curbstones alongside the pathway. This will deflect rain water running down the pathway into the garden behind the green.


Curbstones being installed.

We have used the same curbstones to complete the walk-on to the 2nd club tee.


Happy Golfing!

Rory Taylor



Avalon is a very beautiful and challenging golf course. One thing that makes it more interesting is that because it is situated on the mountain, it has been designed with a lot of undulated fairways. When playing here, you will often find your ball in different slopes and these types of situations change the ball flight.

The situation we will discuss this month is when the ball is below your feet.

This is a situation that you will often experience when playing the golf course at Avalon. The big challenge when playing a shot with the ball below your feet is to get down to the ball and staying there through impact. The ball flight resulting from this shot is a curvature to the right. This is due to the club face tilting to the right and also because of a steeper swing path.

To play this shot, first is to take one club more. Aim left of the target. How much to the left will depend of the severity of the slope. Then get your posture but squat so that your weight is more on the heel, to keep your balance throughout the swing. Because of this awkward squat position, body turn during the swing is restricted, so it’s more of a hands-and-arms motion. The key swing thought is, maintain the flex in your knees; that will help you stay in your posture.






Avalon Golf Estate was fortunate enough to host the Tripro Team Building Day.  A total of 30 participants joined us on Saturday 30th July and worked through a series of challenging WhatsApp Scavenger Hunt Clues.  This hunt took them through Grand Bassin, up to Alexandra Falls with a stop at the Gorges Viewpoint to find the extinct dodo and then it was on to Mare aux Vacoas for a Team Jump, not to forget the quick Tango session at Sophie’s Nature Walk, a quick loop back saw teams heading to Grand Bois to find the hidden “M” with the final clues leading them back to the majestic Avalon Golf Estate.

Not only was this a fun and inspiring team building day but the Tripro teams really out did themselves by dressing up as their favourite marvel characters.

Of course there could only be one winner and Team Thor came out at the top of the table.

From all of us at Avalon a huge congratulations on completing the first ever WhatsApp Scavenger Hunt!

Are you interested in hosting a team building event day with us?
Pop us a mail on info@avalon.eruption.mu or contact us on +230 430 5800 for more information.










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